Short story


The sun challenged the wide red curtains and shed rays on a skinny body. The light unveiled a wide open mouth holding a big respiratory tube; small, careless and green eyes shadowed by a white hair.

She stood in the corridor watching this stubborn body.She can’t see her mother in this profile. Not the same determined eyes, not the same skilful, active hands, not even the same spirit.

“Zipporah…”, said a weak voice.

Zipporah didn’t hear ,but she noticed from the corridor that her mother murmured.

She hurried inside the room and warmly hold the cold hands of the old woman. She looked deeply in her eyes. She tried to dig out the swarm of unspoken words.

The old woman was diagnosed with a Bloom Syndrome and leukemia. A disease that was widespread in the Jewish ghettos during the Second World War. It’s a matter of time before the rebellious body surrenders.

The mother is uneasily trying to utter something. She was disabled by the giant wide tube in her mouth. Zipporah removed carefully the tube and kindly asked her mother to relax.

Stubbornly the old woman whispered ,“ I  have got to tell you something…”.

“Mum, please try to relax. We will have plenty of time to chat over a warm cup of tea as you always asked”.

These words stimulated a faint smile which was sarcastic rather than joyful. Zipporah understood her mother’s smile. She knows that she hardly spares time with her mother. Maybe due to her job, or simply because she doesn’t care.

“I got to tell you something about your father…”, uttered the feeble mother. Now, the young lady stared with her shining blue eyes, clearing her mind for what’s coming next. Zipporah never knew her father. She did ask her mother several times when she was a child. She has never got an undiplomatic reply. She gave up insisting. As an adolescent she tried again. The subject of her father usually triggered long disputes. Somehow, this issue raised suspicions and yielded a gap between the two ladies.

After high school, Zipporah chose to enroll in military service. She wanted to stay away from home. She took this decision against her mother’s constant dream. The mother portrayed Zipporah as a teacher of languages.

To be followed…


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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