Short story

A thief in school

Ibn arabiI get up at 07.15 in the morning. I brush my teeth and sit down for breakfast. I try to move around slowly. My cat Jimmy is sleeping. She always follows me to school.

I take my schoolbag and start walking. I often go by bicycle. Today, I choose to go on foot. It’s Saturday 10th January. It’s my 15th birthday. On the road, I greet Mrs.Halimi our neighbor.

“Happy birthday Jen”,Says Mrs Halimi.

“Thank you Mrs Halimi”,I reply.

I am extremely happy and thrilled to invite my classmates. Amal is my favorite friend .We usually meet in the classroom. She likes Physics and I love English. She always asks me about English words. Today, we have English class and Amal forgets to do her homework. I help her to find the meaning of some words like: an accountant, a librarian, laboratory, etc.

The teacher arrives and greets:  “Good morning!”

We stand up and reply: “Good morning teacher!”

My teacher is very polite and punctual. He doesn’t like late comers. All the students try to be in the classroom at 08.00 o’clock sharp.

In the administration, a strange person is inside the director’s office .He takes a black cell phone, and walks silently out of the school. He is a thief. He puts the cell phone in his mouth and runs fast. Suddenly, the school’s accountant sees the thief. He immediately shouts: “Whose cell phone is that? Put it down!”

The robber doesn’t stop. He rushes to the courtyard, then to the stadium. All the school staff follows the thief.

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In the classroom, we hear a loud noise. We look from the window. We see the director and the staff running from corner to corner. The thief is quick. He has more legs.

We get out of the classroom and join the running crowd. In despair, the thief stops on the edge of a will.

“Give me my cell phone!”, cries the director out of his nerves.

The thief answers wildly: “ Myaw, Myaw,” he drops the cell phone in the will.

I know the voice. It’s my pet cat Jimmy. She runs towards me. I am really embarrassed.

cat surrenders

The next day, my father comes to school and apologizes .He buys me a cell phone for my birthday. I give it to Jimmy .She adores the new technology.


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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  1. lia says:

    ur site is way too cool!

  2. Leila says:

    I`ve just read your comment.If you take a look at my blog you`ll know why.
    Anyway I`d be glad to add you.Hope to see more of you.

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