Abayno springs

Do you know that Abayno park  is breasted by seven unified springs.The water is flowing for years from the seven springs down the river to support the survival of over than 339.000 person.

Abyano is on the main road between Chichaoua and Agadir.It’s another natural place that seeks shelter in a remote green spot.It’s around 24 km from Chichaoua towards Imintanoute. Geographically, it’s within the borders of Nzala commune.

Historically, Abyno was populated by Jewish people for decades.Some of the architectural features marks the visible presence of Jews .

Abyno springs are  really an ideal outlet  for the free minds.

Idea: Aziz and Youness.

Author: Mr.Aziz Moummou


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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  2. Cegereumeft says:

    Premium article, good looking website, added it to my favs!

  3. hossam says:

    my name is hossam i’am 15 years old

  4. asmaa el mansouri says:

    don’t forget the program of abino’s trip

  5. roofingbird says:

    The experiencial joy of water is, I think, a universal emotion. People of all kinds and beliefs, find peace and meditation by contemplating a lovely place such as you have pictured. If our body is made up of 55%-60% water as the Wikipedia link below states, I suppose it is natural that we would have such an affinity.


    Our love of water is more than that, of course. We see that it nurtures our crops, our animals, the earth. Sometimes we fight over it. Sometimes we ask a god, for it’s use. I say it in that way, because I can’t think of any religious doctrine that does not talk about water.

    Thank you, for talking about your town.

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