A Good student of English

Jacob is a good student of English.He now can speak English like an American .

Jacob followed a well beaten path to become excellent in English:

1- Jacob loves English and feels happy in each class.

2- Jacob is studying English because he wants to go to the English department in university.

3-Jacob likes to speak and write in English more than anything else.

4-  Jacob  chats with Americans and British students.

5-Jacob watches American films and read English articles.

6- Jacob has a nice notebook for vocabulary.

7- Jacob plays games of memory.

8- Jacob speaks with tourists in his city,and with his teacher in school.

9- Jacob revises  English at home every night before sleeping.

10- Jacob feels happy when he gets a new word.

Do you want to be like Jacob?

You have to do at least 5 things he does.


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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4 Responses to A Good student of English

  1. test says:

    i found this nice page, eh!

  2. purpleretina says:

    As enthusiastic as they are, our students’ willingness and excessive zeal should both be well invested to portray really creative learning aspects other than the traditional ones relying on old methods. Many of them are ready to implement what they learn and translate it into interesting forms of outcome.I mainly mean focus on interactive and communicative tasks such as self expression, interviewing, theatre … etc.

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