Schools stand against Hrooz ( cheating)

Negative intelligence

Some of you may recall the story of an arrogant donkey who tried to challenge the camel.The donkey noticed that his owner divides unfairly the straw.While the camel gets two buckets of straw,the donkey gets only half of one.So, one day he decided to voice his objection and stood face to face with the farmer and said:”why do you always make difference  between me and the camel?”

“Well,the camel carries more weight and thus merits more food”, ironically answered the farmer.

The donkey thought of it a while and enthusiastically yelled:” oh…if that’s the rule we can make a deal.I will carry as heavy as the camel.Thus,I shall get equal share of the straw.”

The next day,the farmer started to load both the camel and the donkey.He put equal weight on each side.At a certain moment he asked the donkey if he shall add more loads.The donkey desperately replied:”Just carry on,I’m not moving from here anyway!!!”.

This elusive adage ,disguised in the form of a joke, reflects the present state of our schools in Morocco.If the Moroccan schools are by all means ,and no choice,the donkey in this case;there is little chance that we could stand the West schools.We tried to dress up in many forms,and didn’t stop imitating.Is it time to lend an ear to the wise men.The fair men.The One who wonder: are we capable to do as others do or our quest for

The defeat of all virtues

keeping up with the Jones will faint?

In schools,at home,in the street up to the highest institutions, there is a black dust .An invisible motion .A world of vices.The result is a powerless society.

For those who live within the borders of school,Harz or cheating is another warrior from the invisible motion.Unfortunately,each time we decide to evaluate students’ input,we do nothing but unveil this invisible motion.For teachers, cheating alludes to a great failure of instructions.For students,it’s a right that bridges the poles of unsuccessful careers.Since,none is yet ready to assume responsibility,cheating is prevailing and genocides  all virtues.

If you ask for more than what you give then expect to make no move like the poor donkey.Isn’t it time to blame ourselves and start questioning what’s going wrong with our methodology, our approach of teaching?

If you can get yourself in a serene interrogation,then hopefully I can too.If you do blame everything on me or on others,then there we shall meet.The meeting point of naggers.Remember that actions speak louder than words.

For those who want to face Hrooz or cheating,you shall fold up your sleeves since it’s nothing but an endless battle.


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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