students turned to poets

She is beautiful

Her eyes

Her hair is orange like the sun while setting.

Her eyes are yellow like the lightening in a stormy weather.

Her skin is white like the snow in winter.

Her lips are red like the hot flame of summer.

Her voice is calm like the nice breeze of spring.

By Naji Jdaba.

Dream with me

I dream not to go to the moon

I dream ,

but not to touch the sky,

I just dream to be free.

I dream,

But not to go to the moon,

I just  dream not to be a stranger.

I dream,

But not to be a celebrity,

I just dream to find my way.

Maybe I’m lost,

But I am a human.

I breathe,

I think

and I dream.

So dream with me,

maybe we can make a dream reality.

Dream with me,

maybe we can together find the right way.

dream with me,

maybe we can finally be free.

By Chaima Jali.

twenty first century

it’s not time to wait.
but it’s time to think
but it’s time to work.

it’s not time to make mistakes,
but it’s time to correct the mistakes,
it’s time to start a new life,
new life with little mistakes.
we are in the twenty first century
the time of good human, far to animal time
it’s not time to take our titles ourselves,
but it’s time to talk far to power
it’s not time to deceive.

but it’s time to know how you avoid it.

but it’s time to be careful.
we are in twenty first century
we should but we must get up



About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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6 Responses to students turned to poets

  1. Oubihi Mustapha says:


    Life is no more than a tragedy from the outset

    Preordained by Almighty Allah for His servants to test

    The believer perceives it as a prison that one should

    For it is an elusive world with dreams of avarice

    Yet, an ephemeral phase towards an everlasting ecstasy
    in paradise

    Life is the bane of non-believer which echoes hardship,
    frustration and fight
    Indeed, an enervating phase with pitfalls, complexities

    and plight.

    A spooky world with uncertainty and absurdity shaped in

    a gloomy night

    That leads to an apocalyptic denouement in which fate is

    the playwright

    By : Mustapha

  2. asma elouazkiti says:

    it’s a good poem .Congratulations to the poets students.
    I wish write some poems here.I did some bids but it’s not nice like this.

  3. haddat MED. says:

    i liked the idea, and i liked the way students expressed themselves.
    and students you deserve to be on the top. keep on the good work

  4. noureddine says:

    i would like to know if these poems are written by high school students. good steps then

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