Chichaoua and the world cup!!!

Only a couple of days and the world cup will start.South Africa has done previously amazing international fairs.Yet,many still wonder if the present world cup will outdo the previous tournaments.

This is what makes Africa so special!!!

As an African citizen,I would like to spill hope around this cup,and wish the best for South Africa.Obviously,the host country runs no chance of getting a leading position in the world cup.However,I presume that South Africans are among the best fans in the world.So,if we could remember anything,we will be memorizing the typical dances,the colorful masks ,and the funny old fashioned superstitious prays.

Morocco couldn’t book a place in the world cup.Still,football fans have already made the necessary preparations to admire the international, breath taking event.An example of such preparation is buying fake numeric cards.50% of Moroccan fans cannot afford to buy an original,copyrighted numeric card,so they get use of some masterminds.If you walk around famous flea markets in Morocco,you will be able to buy any gadget or fix it with a splitting discount.The country is not lagging behind in terms of technology due to these markets,such as: Darb Ghalaf in Casa Blanca,Quoria ,Lakhmiss,Sidi Mimoune,etc.

This is my first world cup in Chichaoua.Indeed,I have seen through the last two years a wonderful love for football.Most of the fans here are divided into Barcelona and real Madrid fans.Since most of the people are seasonal workers,I doubt that there will be a huge attention to football.Instead,people will flood the watermelon lands,and try to gather a yearly income.I don’t blame them.If you are in mid desert you won’t overlook a drop of water.

Football or watermelon...

To cap it all,we will be looking heartily to the world cup.If not Morocco as an Arab team,then no matter if it is the lovely Algeria. Tens of thousands of thirsty eyes will be following the game,I wish that wouldn’t deprive football from it’s sparking fluidity.


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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One Response to Chichaoua and the world cup!!!

  1. Haddat says:

    Nice text, the other problem is what to do, watching world cup or preparing for the national bac exams. i hope that football will not be an excuse for failure. because i am sure that the majority will follow the event as for them ,study ,unfortunately, is not their primary goal

    Peace be upon you. :);)

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