Summer holidays in Chichaoua

Cheap Holidays

Your holidays are an opportunity to make your health better and more relaxed.Here are some tips to enjoy your holidays cheaply and happily:

1. Plant some vegetables or herbs together.  Even if you have no garden, you can have so much fun collecting recyclable pots, decorating them, filling them with potting mix and planting seeds.  My advice is to do this at the beginning of the holidays and choose something fast growing so you can water them and watch them grow over the holidays.  Cost 00 dh.

2.  Walk or cycle to Mjoune for a sightseeing. Cost 00 dh

3. Day at Abayno springs. Cost 30 dh appr.

4.Walk in one of the many forests or use your bike. Cost 00 dh.

5. Swimming in Quasbah. Cost 20 dh appr.

6.Camp-out in garden or living room depending on weather.Cost $0.

7.Park and picnic visiting Zaouit Charkawa. Cost 20 dh appr.

8. Bedroom Make-over. Every  room needs a sort out once in a while and a new ‘look’. School holidays are the perfect opportunity. Search the shops and internet for cheap ways to update your room. is a great starting point for gorgeous ideas and links to other sites but even just moving things around is great fun to do with kids. Cost from 00 dh-you decide.

9. The No Particular Reason Party – invite as many people as you like to bring a plate of finger food & a bottle. Cost 00 dh.

10. Get to know your city: visit King’s Farm(domaine),Sugar factory or  climb up Teldat mountain .  Cost 00 dh.

11. Write an adventure story together. Cost $0

12. Take photos for posterity, it’ll make great memories for the future. Cost 00 dh

13. Create new gifts and toys for friends…Friends will love it.

14. Camp beside the river…use natural materials.00 dh to 100 dh you decide.

15.  Picnic in your local public Gardens, there are always some never very far away and what is more relaxing than taking an armload of stories and a picnic rug and spending a lazy morning doing absolutely nothing much.  You may even have the luxury of being able to take your own novel and enjoy the beautiful silence.  Cost 00 dh.

16. Fairs & markets. Find out about the weekly markets ( Lakhmiss,Sidi Moukhtar,Mzoudia,Imintanoute,Lala Aziza) and spend the morning exploring one. Cost 00 dh.

17. Visit Marrakech on Friday to get for free into The sparking monuments(Bahia and Badii palace,Dar si Said,Saadiins tombs,etc).Cost 50dh appr.(for transport and food).


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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4 Responses to Summer holidays in Chichaoua

  1. Hasnaa says:

    Hi Mr. Aziz I would to congratulate you for this blog ! Good work ! I would like too to thank you for the efforts you make, via this blog, to promote such a wonderful région: Chichaoua. I’m originally from Marakech and to be honest with you I have never visited Chichaoua ! Now and after seeking your blog, I took a decision to visit it as soon as possible. Thanks 🙂

    • azizmoummou says:

      Hi Hasnaa:

      Thank you so much for your warm encouragements.That’s my first blog ever and promising to do better inshallah.As far as Chichaoua is concerned,it’s a very small city; some enjoy it and some don’t.If it happens and you come here try to visit it on Thursdays and go to the weekly market then to Abayno source.
      Once again,Thank you.


  2. Majda says:

    I visit Marrakech !

  3. explorethegreekislands says:

    Your blog is very interesting, good job! I am a new blogger and because of my love for Greece and especially the Greek islands I started my blog, Explore the Greek Islands. Check it out.

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