Hdidan in Ramadan

Very colorful is our tiny table in Ramadan.You can find ginger candies  called Shabakia,brown flour amazingly named Saloo,seasonal dates,different kinds of Juices,tea ,coffee,and of course the omnipresent character: Harira.Ramdan in essence is meant for the mass to fast and sympathize with the lower class.Depriving our body from the prior means of life is another facet of loyalty to our doctrines.

Eventually,Ramadan is strangely accompanied by a storm of  fancy entertainments:movies,shows,soap operas,etc.As it were,the majority forget


about the rationale of such a month and indulge the wave.However,one must admit that there are certain movies and shows that draw the attention.A sparking example might be the folktale of Hdidan.Watching this sequel is giving the bare truth of the Moroccan ego.It’s in the character of Hdidan that Moroccans found their fading identity.

the Moroccan identity

Besides the entertaining feature of Ramadan,it has got other specific aspects.In Ramadan ,the risk of being deceived,robbed or harassed is very minimal.If you take it from the country boy,Ramadan is the best time to visit Morocco or even the Islamic world.


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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