Gulliver’s travel in Lilliput

Hi everyone:

Gulliver’s travel in Lilliput is a story of a ship’s doctor. The ship was in mid of a storm and sank.Gulliver found himself inside a land of little men (dwarfs).

Gulliver's travel in Lilliput

We have been studying the short story for three weeks  ago(30 mins in each session).Majda El Hassani , an access program student, is giving her own vision about the story.Listen to this short script and tell us what do you think:

Thank you Majda.


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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3 Responses to Gulliver’s travel in Lilliput

  1. Asma N:D says:

    Nice work majda i realy love it You’re the best sister(L)

  2. Majda says:

    Hello Teacher thank you so mush you too !
    i’m very happy thank you:)
    I am proud to let you proud of me ,and my other friends 😀

  3. Elouazkiti says:

    it’s a good idea I like it.
    congratulations succeed

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