Public speaking

Isn’t it very familiar  to encourage  your students to show their talent?

In Moroccan schools we rarely do so.The reasons are numerous,but most of all unjustified.Still,there are certain occasions when you find yourself pushed by the realm of teaching and motivated by the zeal of your students.Hence,you take what ever stake to provide an atmosphere for pupils’ show day.

As a starting activity I have chosen Public speaking.First,because it’s focused on individual endeavors.Second,it instills necessary  must-to-have values,e.g: self-esteem,charisma, eloquence,etc.

I am looking forward to advance every student on his/her own pace.No comparisons shall be made between pupils.Everyone has got his/her own abilities and constraints.Eventually,I would like to awake the sleeping talent of each student,looking hopefully to reach what this fluent teenager did.


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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5 Responses to Public speaking

  1. haddat says:

    Astonishing is that what we can learn from those young people, This Adora Svitak is a genius.

  2. Elouazkiti says:

    the new look is nice i like it

  3. Elouazkiti says:

    a other reason is the short time for that we have a good idea which i love it it’s “the cultural week” when every one show what he has in hes domain or in what he likes, but i know a week in all the year to show the talents students is not enough. that what we have and we hope we have the best.

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