Happy Fatih Muharram

Best wishes to every one embracing a life full of peace,love and mutual respect.Fatih Muharram marks the beginning of the new year in the Arabic calendar.New Hijri year is seldom celebrated and the reasons are vague.First and foremost , because we don’t really identify ourselves with our cultural heritage.There are lots of vices to be questioned,but today lay back and enjoy and so do all the days!!!

Here are things you can do on Fatih Muharram:

1- Visit your family: Life’s is so busy and so we are.Get your share of love by visiting your relatives.
2- Meet a friend: Getting around with friends might be usual for some,but what if you go on a trip to a holy place .
3- Dig out your history: If you don’t feel like going out,surf the web for remarkable events in your history and culture.
4- On Facebook: Wish happy Eid to  everyone .Make a shiny community even virtually.

My best wishes that god pertains the blessings we rejoice.

Teacher Abdul Aziz Moummou


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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