Gorge of Imin Doonit…Chichaoua

Imin Doonit Gorge

I have been working in Chichaoua since 2006. People in general , and my innocent students in particular , rarely praise this tiny city.”Come on teacher , There is nothing to do in this city…we really feel bored “,are words that my ears are used to hear. Last Thursday, I was invited to join a group of teachers for a guys’ trip ( trip for men only ). I was glad to discover that Chichaoua is not really as black as it is painted.

Taskoort Lake

1- Imin Doonit is a Berber village 82 km south east  Chichaoua. There is a wonderful scene of  a rocky gorge. The weather is usually warm in this region, but once inside the gorge you can’t feel your toes anymore. It’s really chilly.

We did find the weekly souk in its peak . We bought fresh vegetables and fruits from the generous farmers. We watched some chicken being kindly (hhh)  slaughtered.Then, we bargained with a mean cook . We did have a good bargain ( 10 dh per tajin) .

Village on a ship

There is a river flowing smoothly between the rocks. Many girls are singing while doing their house chores ( washing clothes, cleaning their heels,etc ) .

2- Taskourt Lake : is a newly built dam in the region of Imin Doonit. It’ s a medium size lake . But, the road is not yet ready for cars and modern means of transport.

3- A village on a ship : The village name is BELQASS. It is built on a rocky hillock. The most beautiful scene  is when you stand in front of the village. You will get the feeling that you are standing in front of TITANIC.

4- French Bureau: We discovered that even in this virgin region , France did leave its fingerprints. There is a place named the French court. It is partially demolished today. It was a place for justice and announcing verdicts.You can see that they built 4 or 5 cozy cells for inmates. Walking around makes you feel that some souls are tracking you. Our guide ( teacher of history) sarcastically said that there might be an angel watching a treasure. Who knows !!!

Real femininity.

Imin doonit village


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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18 Responses to Gorge of Imin Doonit…Chichaoua

  1. hassan aatar says:

    im hassan aatar: de ajmani
    merce de nous ofre une chansse de voire notre village

  2. FatimaZahra says:

    Salam alikum, wrwb,
    LoL. My husband is from Chichaoua. I am a German woman.
    I had to laugh on the term: Imin Doonit.
    We married in that village and it is called: Imintanoute. But in some maps I even saw: Imi-n-Tanoute. But Imintanoute is right.
    I have it even in my papers. 🙂

    Wa Salam obslama.

    • azizmoummou says:

      Hi fatimazahra :

      Well glad you recognized the place.Yet, I have to clarify things. Imin Tanoute is a famous village around 50 km from chichaoua.But, Imin Doonit is very small village on the road to Mzoda(not mzodia) around 80 km from Chichaoua…The nature and the view is really outstanding.


  3. Dar@kimakh says:

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    Arriving in Morocco, you will discover a different rhythm of life
    another way of design, the taste and enjoy.

  4. Dar@kimakh says:

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  5. Elouazkiti says:

    we are believers that there are lot of place to see in morocco.who say there are nothing to do in chichoua they they never go out the center and i’m sure about that.for the name you’re right asma it mean فم الدنيا because it’s too far.when i see it i remember imintanot now we know what that is mean imin and tanout mean the” well” what we call بئر in arabic so imintanot it’s the well mouth فم البئر

  6. I did not know the existence of these landscapes in our region Chichaoua, so thank you for this interest.
    And since this place soon, can we go to Iimndonit soon?

  7. Montasser says:

    this is a realy nice pictures nice place ….. ‘IS THAT IN MOROCCO’ we realy have nice place to go in our country

  8. Asmà says:

    Wow!!!! it’s realy Awesome picture teacher it’s great place to visit
    & yes indid Majda it means :فم الدنيا

    imin فم
    dounit الدنيا

  9. Majda says:

    .”Come on teacher , There is nothing to do in this city…we really feel bored “
    Yes Yes we Always Said that , I remembre 😛

  10. Majda says:

    Hello Teacher
    I actually LOVE these Pictures and also the paragraphe 🙂
    Waw , I Feel like if I’m travling with You , that so great !

    • Majda says:

      I Will to visit with my Familly “Imin Doonit ” , This name is Berber Name , it means : “Doonit is : الدنيا ” and “Imin : قرب”
      I’m Really Fascinated by the sights 😀
      Thank You Teacher for This Information !

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