Rich students

In a free writing activity, students tried to craft short articles.Here are few examples I have chosen randomly.No editing is done,and I wish you could help commenting positively and correcting the mistakes.


We’re looking for a groom :

Believed to be in Chichaoua

 Ilham is a pretty girl , she’s 30 years old , she’s an engineer wich have 10 years of experience her Salary is 7 million DH every month . Ilham is tall and a blond beautiful girl .

       Even all what does she have, she feels lonely and confused ; because she’s single -no children and no family- and her job monopoly on all her time also her free time , so the poor Ilham can’t  meet a guy .

      This rich girl lives in big palace alone in New York city , and she has a strange black car …

       She use to live in peace and happiness . Ilham want to find her White Knight ; so :’’ help us and try to find someone who could makes her happy and glad ‘’.

By Mohamed Kellali .

Our nuber is : 06 xx x3 xx 00 /  Life Mag / first edition . 

  The Arabic female Bill Gates

                       It’s imbeleivable but it’s real

Before i was all the time thinking that the most difficult thing in life is to be rich . but when i met miss Hajar i mean the most famous busniss  woman in the Arabic world , i change my idea completely  ! her start was somehow strange because she was a clothes seller in the flea market , and in a wink of an eye she becomes  the most rich miss . how ? when ? why and where ?? those wore my questions when i met her . she didn’t gave me an exact answers but  what i understand is that she has a very big self-confidence which gave her energy to maintain working haard and trying to change frpom the fame in the Arabic world to the whole world .

The extraordinary thing is that she has two children and a husband who loves her very much and who has just told us in a show that she’s the kind of a successful wife , mother and busnisswomen .


By Sanae …

moroccan women glitter in turkey

the Moroccan woman became more brilliant in the world more than Mrs.nezha skely and Aicha chenna in 2010; the example from turkey .jihan elalawi the ambassador of morocco in turkey .she is rich ,cultivated ,and more she is young .Miss jihan elalawi can win 10 million$ for one month with 31 year old ,she loves her job and country ,she gave all her life for them for that she is still single .jihan alawi has a big villa in Istanbul and she uses cars and plans but she still the modest Moroccan woman .jihan alawi thinks the rich is not the most important thing to be happy and she say “we can get whatever we  want by money but we can’t get a near family wherever we are”

by Asma Alouazkiti

manar is rich ??? this is a joke or what

who know manar when she was young he didn’t think that he will be the must rich women in morrocco.
manar is a beautiful girl but that not important if we comprate whit her job she is a busness women and not only that shr earn 1 milion dollar each mounth.
really she is rich but she say that sha is not happy without her small family and that why she bought a small housenear to the beach , in my opinion that not the reel raison for bought that smal house but she is so miser .
and when i ask manar about the positif of bieng rich she sayed : “no positif” and i say “you can give my your many if they are no positif for bieng rich” .
(كما يقول المثل: (محاس بالمزود غير المشحوط بيه 
By Iliass Hilmi

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A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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10 Responses to Rich students

  1. mohamed kellali says:

    thank you teacher !!!

  2. i don’t understand this post , can you explain me plz ??

  3. A.n says:

    Good Job Guys!’
    Teacher This is mine
    i want u to give me your Opinion Okay?
    Single Boss in FBI
    Mohamed el m,is a Rich Boss in “FBI”{Federal Bureau Of investigation} He’s ‘Single and he has 31 years Old,he will not be married because he hats girls~[is he serious],he lives now in USA and he has a green Big hammer
    So attention For all Girls;There is a Single rich man in USA ….[Go Get Him..]~
    By: me

  4. mohamed kellali says:

    where is mine ?? mohamed kellali

  5. Elouazkiti says:

    funny article ilias, good

    (manar is a beautiful girl but that not important)
    “”Manar is a beautiful girl but that is (that’s) not important if we compare her beauty by her job,she is a business woman and not only that she earns…””

    (in my opinion that not the reel raison for bought)
    “”in my opinion that’s not the real raison to buy…””

    (“no positif” and i say ”you can give my your many if they are no positif for bieng rich” )
    “”no positives and i said ” you can give me your money if there are no positives in being rich””

    i like the moroccan proverb in the english article

  6. Habdou says:

    Manar certainly needs a psycho-therapist .

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