To be talented is a gift

Back to 3 or 4 months ago , I was still able to embrace the lavish smile of my green students. I won’t sink in sweet   memories skipping the wonderful present I’m living; yet, I have to stop for a while and spur the joy of the old times.

The start of my classes were pretty lax. I was conscious that this ought to be a different experience. Hopefully, I was supposed to do kind of enhancement activities which were for me something like ” BE FREE”. I drove myself  nut doing a lot of stuff that our conservative teaching mode estranges. We danced, sang , cooked, played and cried.

I wouldn’t be honest and clear if I claim that I didn’t learn and get novelties from my pupils. I have been bombarded by their high tech knowledge and surrendered at last.A generation born and bred in the era of technology  doesn’t need a mundane classroom.

Talent,that’s a vague word that eludes a panoply of  gifted competencies. I did contemplate on my classes and found out that I should let it go free and watch that talent skirmishes  not from my sanctuary desk, but as a naive student. Giving nicknames to my students is something I wouldn’t do. However, I kept some for myself. I know some of you might get surprised, others will cheer up.Eventually, please bear in mind that because of you I’m teaching differently.

Here’s a list of my talented students bound with nicknames ( I mean positive ones):

Khalil : the manager ( I do remember how committed you were in Radio programme).

Sara : funny ( you won’t miss a second to smile).

Rachiki : the wise man (Ask Mouad to get the answer, not always right, but usually close).

Ilham : The poet ( I have never read one of her poems, yet I feel she’s born poet).

Falah: The writer (Well, I didn’t know she has a different style but late).

Mountassir: The shadow( always escapes spot lights and loves to be in the shadow).

Bari: The spoiled hare ( I know he has got much to do and say but when he ends his hibernation. Always surprising with new ideas).

Chayma : …  ( I really couldn’t find one for her but the fanatic parrot).

Meriam: The peace maker ( quiet ,nice but sometimes  a real volcano).

Youssef: The journalist ( I bet you all remember his video about Obama).

Amin : The ring show ( We have got to salute his voice in a Catch ting).

Majda : The Artist ( isn’t she a gifted singer, cook, and painter  and over all nice ).

Zahira : If you forgot her, well I didn’t. She’s an amazing teacher.

kilali : A wonderful actor ( I missed sidi Mohammed…I always recall your Scottish outfit)

Asma : Well, I intended to list Asma last because she’s the motive I’m writing this post. I’m a photography enthusiast and I have tracked professional photographers for a while. Asma deserves to be driven to the spot light.Some of her shots :


That was kind of personal reflection. I didn’t write for a while, so please mind my verbatim style.I didn’t won’t to wave goodbye to my lust of writing. I welcome your comments ( Critics and compliments). I Love you dear students ( I mean ,I really do )…


About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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8 Responses to To be talented is a gift

  1. Zahira says:

    Well,i would like to know my negative nickname (No harm because virtuous deeds remove devil deeds) .

  2. Zahira says:

    Hi! teacher
    I was reading your post with the greatest pleasure to every word you wrote.I’m relieved that you don’t forget me and it’s a honour for me to be “an amazing teacher” .So,shower of thanks to you my dear teacher (you are our fancy treasure)…

    • azizmoummou says:

      Sure…we all together remember you Zahira.
      By the way we have a group on facebook we are always there commenting sharing videos , jokes and some interesting programs to the US.Jump in we are named Chichaoua access program. Ask to join and make a short introduction of yourself.Our group on facebook is just for teachers and Access students.

  3. Asma says:

    That was amazing teacher! thank you very much ^^
    i really miss all those cool sundays! with the coolest friends
    well yeah i do photography! but the best shuts that i did were those that u are in.
    So I”m proud to be a student of such a great teacher!
    also i”m so lucky to have amazing friends
    i will never forget your support for me!

  4. Umar says:

    Very nice one Mr Aziz. they’re lucky as well because they must have spent a very good couple of years with you. Regards.

  5. Mohamaed Kellali says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thnxx teacher !! really. miss u too !!

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