Teaching Character strengths

PERMA as defined by Dr Seligman has a minor impact in our Moroccan schools. Likewise, our students lack major character strengths. In the following project , we will look at some opportunities to implement Seligman’s theory in our context.Besides, we will gauge the possibilities of teaching it here and now.

Most practitioners and teachers share a common thought: our educational system is disoriented. The experience showed that goals, the syllabus and other recurrent issues hinder the development of a fruitful learning atmosphere.However, there are enthusiastic trials to improve things. Personally, I have decided to start implementing the course strategy by using a macro-structure project : The radio.

The radio project will be a weekly program that engages fifteen students during two months. The selection is grade based. These students are suffering from lack of self control, absence of grit and low self-esteem. Accordingly, the aim is to help them gain major character strengths. The project will simulate challenging situations where students will dual practice : academic and character strengths behaviors. We want our students to see success in every failure , as Dr Duckworth hinted.

The radio consists of five sub projects: Social problems,sports,education,news and history. Every group will investigate the topic deeply and bring their own version. At the end of every week, students will be exposed to a 30 minutes advisory class and 1 hour on field practice. Bythe end of the first months students will be showing some signs of grit and self control. Ideally, by the end of the program, students will be aligned with their peers and hopefully lead their classes.


The macro-structure project is a holistic approach that requires a collaborative team. Thus, for similar projects to be successful, we should encourage school districts ,administrators and teachers to willingly participate in the endeavors.



About azizmoummou

A teacher of English since 2006. Purely obsessed by adventures,and believing that teaching is another amazing one.
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2 Responses to Teaching Character strengths

  1. oussama balili says:

    my name is oussama.Iam a student in from chichaoua.I ride in ibn arabi school.I always drink soda.I never go on carrots.I sonnetines eat cactus,I always it’s saladas..I often drink tea.I hardlyever drink orange juice.

  2. badr eddine bakkar says:

    hi teachet my name is badr .iam astudent in chichaoua i read ibn arabi hig school .ai aulaus go to school on afett i never bay motocycle AI oten eat tajin ,Ai go often couscous ai some times drinke appel juice ai some times happy Good bay teacher

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