Photo store

Oblivious pictures of chichaoua and the surroundings…

The weekly souk on Thursdays


Where people meet

The weekly souk is something more than a shopping place.A swarm of people gather in the souk to purchase their supplies,but foremost to exchange the latest news .

Dar Belqass

Dar Belqass in Chichaoua

Dar belqass is a wonderful village built on a rocky hillock. The first standing get you back in time to the Titanic stories , You will wonder how people can live amid such a river. However, being surrounded by water from the four sides isn’t  an easy given privilege.

Gorge Imin Doonit

Gorges Imin doonit-Chichaoua

Gorges of Imin Doonit in Chichaoua are really a great place for different sports enthusiasts. I did enjoy myself hiking in the area. It’s possible though to do abseiling as well as Kayaking.I did indulge the warm breeze and the peaceful smile of the villagers . When hungry, just go back to the souk , buy fresh lamb and vegetables then ask Mohammed Belaid  to cook an indigenous Tajine.


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  1. Ismail Azraf says:

    may nam is Ismail azraf I love bollywood movies

  2. MOUGhiiT says:

    N#’ễĈɇ PhôTô$ Têàchér !! 🙂

  3. abdesamade benelkhader says:

    hi mr so great job you done. best wishes 🙂

  4. abdesamade benelkhader says:

    my name is abdesamade benelkhader.and i so happy to obserev this great job by our respected teacher

  5. mokhtar says:

    nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. hamid elhsysen says:

    good job

  9. Majda says:

    That so Nice 🙂

  10. Oubihi Mustapha says:

    Hi Mr Aziz. Thanks for this copmelling picture. It has been long ago since I ve visited this market. No matter how chichaoua will change, this Market will typically maintain its traditional way of selling commodities. Actually, This cultural landmark constitutes a distinctive aspect of chichaoua’s heritage.

  11. hajar nmirach says:

    great picture thnx teacher . the blog is shining of your presence teacher Asma . good job congradulation Mr Aziz

  12. Sara Kripke says:

    Wow, certainly great topic. Where can I get your subscription?

    Sara Kripke

  13. i know that vendor, he is hidding from one of his customers. he owes him some money. :):)

    bad joke ha, 😉 nice template aziz and nice shot u have here, good job, keep it up

  14. Mary Kripke says:

    It is rather interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon. BTW, pretty nice design your site has, but how about changing it every few months?

    Mary Kripke

  15. yassir says:

    nice job M.Aziz

  16. hoµsam says:

    hello my teacher aziz
    aide mobarke said

  17. hafsa says:

    hi teacher

  18. asmaa el mansouri says:

    good job

  19. hafsa says:

    my hafsa the 3/5

  20. hafsa says:

    thank you my teacher

  21. What a colourful picture!

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