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  1. khaoula lacouer says:

    Iam khaoula lacouer
    Iam from achichaoua

  2. Reda.B says:

    Teacher Good Job nice Website HelloChichaoua ever

  3. ismail faissali says:

    hello teatcher haw are you My neme is ismail
    iam astudant a ibn arabi schoul

  4. mohamed kellali says:

    for everyone ; teacher Aziz said :”Dear students:

    Anyone who has got any photos from last week ( British week) please send it over.


  5. this is a grat web site keep it up


  6. sara says:

    hi teacher :: I have completed this test if it was possible to correct it for me to see how it deserved and good luck please reply My name is peter Smith . My homecity is London . I live with
    my parents in a small house . I am a student at Oxford University.
    I study Art ; It’s my favourite subject.
    At the weekend , I visit my friend Tom and we go to the sports
    ♠ Comprehension :
    ● Write True or False and correct the false statements : ( 3pts )
    1- Peter lives with his friend Tom . 1- false:peter lives with his parents
    2- Peter is American . 2-true
    3- Peter likes Art . 3-true
    ♠ Grammar : ( 8 pts )
    •Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb “be” :
    Are they – I am – It is not – He is – Are you – I am not – We are – She is not .
    1- This is a cat . it is not.a dog .
    2- Peter and I are students . we are friends.
    3- My name is Miss Laura . I am a teacher . a student .
    4- A .American ? “
    B “ Yes , Mr and Ms Smith are American .
    ● Complete the sentences with the right verb in the correct form in the
    present simple :
    Write – play – Like – work – look – watch – speak .
    1- Peter speak two languages : French and English .
    2- My father work .at school .He’s a teacher .
    3- Tom and Peter at the sports club .
    4- My friend watch television at nightMy name is peter Smith .
    as soon as

  7. Héy teacher Im Majda Elhassani your site is great if you remind me I’m with you programe of English Acess ^^

  8. Habdan says:

    That’s the way! It’s really interesting! With success. By the way, I agree with you concerning the training in chichaoua.

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