Teaching Materials

Final exam 2012

Final exam (A)

Final exam (B)

Example of English Test

3rd year Junior high school

General exam (1)

General exam(2)

General exam(3)

General Exam (4)

General Exam (5)

Mock Exams for 2nd y.Bac.

For copyright’s sake,I’m posting the original website( it’s our school’s website).Click on the following link:


Giving directions games:

Directions lesson

Food flash cards:

Introduce food,Meat types,Drinks,Fruits and vegetables

An exercise for practicing Prepositions of place.

Prepositions of place

Some occupations and Jobs.




Alphabet Game.

Alphabet Game

Practice Reading and writing: for beginners.


Verb to be: Affirmative/negative and interrogative form.

Verb to be

Project 1: English speaking countries.

Project work

Project 2: At school

Project work

Clothes Fun:


Possessive Adjectives:

possessive adjectives


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  1. ismail faissali says:

    hello azize my name is ismail faissali
    thank you

  2. tansaoui Lekbir says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing. I congratulate you for your website for the idea of My heroes; Wonderful, carry on your work is part of active citizenship. Well done Chaouiya Access;

    Lekbir Coordinator of MATE Access2 Ouedzem

    • azizmoummou says:

      Hi Lekbir:

      Welcome dear friend.
      We are indeed working in Chichaoua ( 75 km from Marrakech) and not Chaouya…
      We would like to connect with other access programs so that we can share!!!

      Aziz Moummou

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  4. asmaa el mansouri says:

    hi momo it’s a very good job i want to join the program of training please add my name to the list o the teachers

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