Color song :

Numbers 1-20:

Watch this video about Prepositions of place.

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On the 22nd April,Ibn El Arabi high school is celebrating the cultural days.The environment club seizes the opportunity to shed light on the status of environment in a folly heading city.


36 Responses to Video

  1. soufiaNe bouriala 3/4 says:

    Hello teacher My name is soufiane bouriala thank you teacher for the videos

  2. ASSIA says:

    Hello teacher my name is Assia falossi 3/4 Thank you teacher for the videos

  3. youness el.m says:

    I’m youness el m. 3/4 ibn arabi

  4. AbDéél says:

    Thank you, my teachers on this information useful and good luck =D

  5. hello teachers i m fatima agirrar; room skus blui hiad limon

  6. zinoucha says:

    hello teachers i m laila dbaghe;room skus blui hiad


  7. nadia elabbar says:

    hello teacher I’am nadia elabbar :

  8. Leila Dagdag says:

    hello teacher i m leila dagdag

  9. Anonymous says:

    my name is oussama

  10. Issam says:

    Hello Teackher, i’m Issam thank you for this video

  11. reda says:

    your welcom my teacher

  12. lamya says:

    hi teacher I am lamya , I want to thank you for your information. happy holiday

  13. Anonymous says:

    my name is reda el harch thinks

  14. hamada says:

    hi am hamada allam

  15. hamada says:

    am hamada allamam from maroco

  16. Anonymous says:

    my nam is hamada am from chichaoua aet tajin adrnk coola

  17. Anonymous says:

    HI teacher i ma allaouy thank you

  18. Yassir.N says:

    Thank you teacher For The videos
    i liked them all….

  19. ossama says:

    Thank you for magnificent effortoss

  20. Fatima zahra on oktobre-25,2011.12.00 says:

    The butte fly

  21. saad says:

    I am saad
    Thank you, my teachers on this information

  22. NAIMA says:

    I hope you are fine.
    I want to congratulate you for your fabulous web site. It’s really great.
    I’m your sister’ Hanane’s friend. We both work together.
    Have a great day.

    • azizmoummou says:

      Hi Naima;
      It’s a great honour to receive a warm comment on such a humble work.
      I am not so good at computing but I decided with my students to come up with this blog for many reasons;
      1) to keep in contact with each other.
      2) to share materials.
      3) to teach and learn.
      If there is any way you can contibute to one of these objectives we will highly appreciate your generosity.
      You can send us your contributions to our contact email.
      thank you very much Naima.

      all the best,

  23. azizmoummou says:

    hay mr aziz Im hamza im your brather this sit is goood and good years in the you life

  24. Mohamed HADDAT says:

    waw, I like this. keepup the good work, i’ll be soon online permenantly so as to make things better. c u soon buddy.

  25. sara hraoua says:

    Thank you, my teachers on this information useful and good luck

  26. Ricardo Pizarro Iturrieta says:

    I think your blogs is very interesting, It looks an school to learn English, I congratulate you, I’ll travel around your blog, if I can contribute with something interesting

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